Microprecision MP700 /MP720 Security Switch / Limit Switch

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A sealed position switch, with positive opening operation, dual breaking, with direct connection by cable moulded into the housing. The degree of safety sought on a machine often depends on the reliability of a switch, especially during an emergency shutdown.  The MP700 series provides this guarantee thanks to the switch’s positive opening operation and the rigid mechanical linkage between the controller and the contact bridge causing the breaker circuit to open.




  MP720 MP730 ... MP760
Approval IEC 947-5-1
Housing Glass fiber reinforced Thermoplastic - Metal

Forced break

Slow action

Forced break

Slow action - Snap action

Circuit 1NO + 1NC

Cable moulded 0.75 mm2

PVC -20°C to 70°C

PUR -40°C to 90°C

SI -40°C to 130°C

Cable moulded 0.75 mm2

PVC -20°C to +70°C

Actuator Variety of operation heads
Degree of protection IP67
Power rating

AC-15 3A

DC-13 0.27A

AC-15 1.5A

DC-13 0.1A

Thermal current 6A 5A
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 16 mm

50 x 30 x 16 mm

50 x 35 x 16 mm

Operating temperature range -40°C to +130°C -20°C to +70°C
Mechanical life 10 x 106
Datasheet MP720.pdf MP700.pdf