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Quadrax Contacts

Amphenol Quadrax contacts offer several advantages for high data transfer rates, low power consumption, and excellent EMI compatibility. Quadrax contacts have four strategically spaced inner contacts that form two 100Ω or 150Ω matched impedance differential pairs. Quadrax is available in a size 8 crimp & pcb termination styles


  • Four strategically spaced inner contacts form two 100Ω or 150Ω matched impedance differential pairs
  • Outer contact includes rugged wall section for durability
  • Available in size 8 crimp termination style
  • Also available in size 8 with PC tails


  • Ethernet
  • Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX)
  • Cockpit display
  • In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)

Temperature Range: -65°C to +200°C
Crimp Tensile Strength: Center conductor=45N min., Shield=110N min.
Gauge insertion and extraction force:
Insertion force from center contact: 1.65N max.
Extraction force from center contact: 0.25N min.
Insertion force from outer-body: 8N max.
Extraction force from outer-body: Initial=1.2N min., After test=0.8N min.
Center contact max. pin gage: 0.648 0/-0.0025
Center contact min. pin gage: 0.648 0/+0.0025
Outer body max. pin gage: 5.563 0/-0.005
Outer body min. pin gage: 5.512 0/+0.005
Insulation Resistance: Measured between the signal contacts and between the signal contacts and outer-body
≥ 5000 MΩ at ambient temperature
≥ 1000 MΩ at 200°C
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) Sea Level: ≥1000V rms between signal contacts
≥500V rms between signal contacts and outer-body
70,000 feet: ≥125V rms between signal contacts
≥125V rms between signal contacts and outer-body
Contact resistance low-level Signal contacts: 15 mΩ initials, 30 mΩ after the test
Contact resistance at rated current: rated current=1A for center contacts and 12A for outer-body
Center contacts: 15 mΩ initials, 30 mΩ after the test
Outer-body: 3 mΩ initials, 4 mΩ after the test
Characteristic Impedance: 100Ω nominal
Return Loss: Should meet 7.4 of attachment 20 when measured according to IEC60603-7 Amd 1/ISO11801 or equivalent
Transfer impedance: Should meet the requirements of attachment 20, Section 7.6 when measured according to EN2591-212 or equivalent
Attenuation: Should meet the requirements of attachment 20, Section 7.2 when measured according to IEC60603-7 Amd 1/ISO11801 or equivalent
Cross Talk: Should meet the requirements of attachment 20, Section 7.2 when measured according to IEC60603-7 Amd 1/ISO11801 or equivalent

Outer Body: Copper alloy
Center Contact: Copper alloy
Crimp Ferrule: Copper alloy
Insulator: PTFE per ASTM-D-1710 or other suitable material
Plating: Gold per AMS2422, 1.27 micrometer minimum over a 1.27-micrometer under-plate per QQ-N-290

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