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MMA Connectors

MMA combines many of the best features from popular product lines including ARINC 600's power, RF, fiber optic and Quadrax contacts, low mating forces and shrouded size 22 pins. Sealing capabilities are comparable to M83527 with shell seal, face seal, and grommet. Modular, removable inserts are effective for separating signal and power contacts while providing ease of installation and customization in the field. Choose our 360° EMI spring option if shielding effectiveness is a concern. Customer specific designs lead to endless possibilities.



  • Blind Mate Low Mating Force Modular Connector
  • 40 Arrangements (size 22 contacts)
  • Size 22 pin contacts protected from damage by being shrouded by the insert face
  • Composite shells and Backshells available


  • Reduced inspection and assembly labor
  • High-frequency EMI performance superior to a board-level filter solution
  • Superior shielding effectiveness
  • Solderless design


  • Eliminates exposure of connector to soldering and cleaning process
  • Allows for easy repair of damaged socket contacts
  • Easy installation and removal from motherboard facilitates repair and rework
  • Guideposts guarantee proper alignment during installation 
  • Optional rubber interfacial seal protects the connector from the environment 


  • Provides strain relief and EMI shielding
  • Multiple cable entry points available
  • Custom configurations available

Dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV): 1500 Vrms, 500 VRMS @ 50,000 ft (15,240 m)
Contact continuous current ratings: Size 22-5.0 A, Size 20 -7.5 A, Size 16 - 13.0 A, Size 12 -23.0 A
Contact Resistance:
Size 22: 8.0 millohms, initial (max.), 11.0 millohms, conditioned (max.)
Size 20: 7.0 millohms, initial (max.), 8.5 millohms, conditioned (max.)
Size 16: 3.5 milliohms, initial (max.), 5.0 milliohms, conditioned (max.)
Size 12: 2.0 milliohms, initial (max.), 2.5 milliohms, conditioned (max.)
Insulation resistance: 5.0 gigaohms min. at 500 VDC
Engagement/separation force: Shell size 1 - 27 Ibs. (120N) max., Shell size 2 - 60 Ibs. (267N) max., Shell size 3 - 105 Ibs. (467N) max.
Durability: 500 cycles min. - mating & unmating
Temperature range: (1) Hydraulic fluid per MIL-H-5606, (2) Lubricating oil (synthetic) per MIL-L-23699, (3) 1:3 mix of isopropyl alcohol & mineral spirits per FED. SPECS., TT-I-735 &TT-T-291 respectively
Vibration: MIL-STD-1344, Method 2005.1, condition value E: random - 16.4G, minimum severity: 8 hours in each of 3, mutually perpendicular planes with 100mA, electrical load. No visible damage, breakage, cracking or loosening of parts and no discontinuities exceeding 1 microsecond.
Shock MIL-STD-1344, Method 2004.1, test condition A: Three shocks in each direction along each of 3 axes, mutually perpendicular to each other. No visible damage, breakage, cracking or loosening of parts and no discontinuities exceeding 1 microsecond.

Shell & Backshell Aluminum Alloy or Composite "Electroless Nickel, Chem Film (Mil-C-5541, Class 3), RoHS Chem Film (MIL-DTL-5541, Type II, Class 3) OD Chromate, Tin, Gold, Zinc Nickel, Yellow CAD or Nickel Fluorocarbon Polymer (Durmalon)"
Hardware & Polarizing Keys Stainless Steel Passivated or Nickel Plated
Inserts Thermoset or Thermoplastic ---
Aluminum Alloy Same as Shell
Grommets & Face Seal Fluorosilicone Elastomer ---
EMI Spring Copper Alloy Nickel Plated, Gold
Shell Seal Fluorosilicone Elastomer ---
Contacts Copper Alloy Gold over Nickel, Solder Dipping is available in both RoHS and non-RoHS Compliance (selective plating on PCB Contacts available)

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