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Integrated Circuits



  • PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL DELAY TIMERS - Applications Include: Time Delay Relays for HVAC and Industrial Controls, POR Hold-Off, One-Shot and Repeating Timed Operations
  • DIVIDER ICs - Applications Include: Time base generators
  • INCREMENTAL ENCODER INTERFACE - Applications Include: Motion Control, X Y Tables, Robotics, Measurement Systems
  • LIGHTING CONTROLS - Applications Include: Dimmers and Timers for Wall Switch applications, Step and Continuous Dimmers for touch lamps, Dimming Low-Voltage Halogen lamps
  • COUNTERS - Applications Include: Industrial, Scientific and Frequency counting Counting modes: Quadrature (x1, x2, x4); Non-Quadrature, Normal/Modulo-N; 24 Hour Clock; Non-Recycle, Binary; BCD
  • PIR MOTION DETECTOR INTERFACE - Applications Include: Occupancy Sensing for Energy Saving and Security, Remote Camera Operation, Outdoor Security Lighting
  • BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR CONTROLS - Applications Include: Open and Closed Loop Speed Controls for Tools, Robotics, Pumps, Fans
  • STEPPER MOTOR CONTROLS  - Applications Include: Open Loop Speed Controls for Robotics
  • AC MOTOR CONTROLS - Applications Include: Speed Controls for Small Appliance Motors, Fans, Blenders, Auto Shut-Off Appliances
  • PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL LOCKS - Applications Include: Keyless Locks for Automotive Ignitions, Machine Area Access, Safes and Doors

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