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LSI/CSI Divider ICs

We are proud to be a full stocking distributor for LSI/CSI. Click here to download the LSI/CSI Short form Catalog. ICs that make products better
that extend from the consumer and industrial marketplace to military and aerospace applications.

AC Line Frequency Dividers…. (8 Pins)
RED x/y, RED x/y-S
Frequency division of 50Hz/60Hz sine waves
RESET and ENABLE  input controls
CLOCK input shaping network interfaces directly with 50Hz/60Hz AC Line through a current limiting resistor
4.5V to 15V operation
Available Dividers:
5/6, 50/60, 100/120, 300/360, 500/600, 3000/3600
Selectable Six Decade Divider…. (8 Pins)
RDD106 Data Sheet PDF RDD106, RDD106-S
Backwards compatible to RDD104
Divides by 101 | 102 | 103 | 104 | 105 | 106
Division Select determined by the state of two inputs
Divides External Clock or Crystal Oscillator Frequency
Up to 30MHz Frequency
Reset Input
3V to 15V operation

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