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LSI/CSI Programmable Digital Delay Timer ICs

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Programmable Digital Delay Timer... (14 Pins)

LS7210, LS7210-S
Last Updated: 06/16/06

Generates delays from milliseconds to "years"

Delays programmed by 5 Binary Weighted inputs and time-base
External clock or RC oscillator sources time-base

Four Operating Modes

4.75V to 15V operation
Programmable Digital Delay Timer.. (18 Pins)

LS7211, LS7211-S; LS7212, LS7212-S
Last Updated: 11/05/03

LS7211N, LS7211N-S; LS7212N, LS7212N-S NEW!
Last Updated: 07/20/09

LS7211N, LS7212N backward compatible to LS7211, LS7212

Generates delays from 100ns to "days"

Time Base is External Clock or Oscillator: RC (LS7211); Crystal (LS7212)

8 Binary-Weighted Delay Bits

3 Selectable Prescalers

Four Operating Modes

Reset for Delay Abort

3V (4V, LS7211 & LS7212) to 18V Operation

Programmable frequency division

Real Time delays from 50/60Hz (LS7211); watch crystal (LS7212)
Programmable Digital Delay Timer.. (14 Pins)

LS7213R, LS7213R-S
Last Updated: 08/23/11
Produces real-time delays from 10kHz-1kHz time-base range

Eight time delay ranges:
0.1 - 1:
Seconds; Minutes; Hours
1 - 10:
Seconds; Minutes; Hours
10 - 100:
Seconds; Minutes


RC Oscillator generates time-base

Four operating modes

Reset for Delay Abort

Complementary outputs

Delay-in-Progress indicator output

3V to 5.5V Operation
Programmable Digital Delay Timer.. (20 Pins)

LS7215, LS7215-S; LS7216, LS7216-S NEW!
Last Updated: 07/20/09

LS7215 and LS7216 are extended feature versions of LS7211N and S7212, respectively.
Extended Features:

  1. Latches for loading weighting bits from an 8-bit Bus
  2. Open-Drain Output for direct drive of a Relay coil returned to chip VDD or to a voltage as high as 110V using a single external transistor
Light-Activated Programmable Timer.. (8 Pins)

LS7217, LS7217-S
Interface directly to photo-resistor
Programmable duration selection:
4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, dusk-to-dawn
Shunt regulator
50Hz / 60Hz time base selection
Relay driver output
6.5V +/- 0.75V operation
Applications include lighting timer for low-voltage landscape lighting

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