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Stepper Motor Control Circuits

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Stepper Motor Controller…. (24 Pins)
LS7290, LS7290-S, LS7290-TS
Last Update: 07/20/11
Controls Bipolar and Unipolar Stepper Motors
Full, 1/2 step modes selection
Direct interface to L298 for BiPolar motors
Enable, Step, Direction and Reset control inputs
PWM chopper circuit for step and torque control
Two peak current sense comparators with external reference input
Programmable interstep blanking delay
3 to 5.5 volt operation
Stepper Motor Controller…. (20 Pins; 20 Pins)
LS8297, LS8297-S, LS8297-TS NEW!
LS8297CT, LS8297CT-S, LS8297CT-TS
Low cost, low current, pin-compatible replacement for L297.
Torque Ripple Compensated half-steps – LS8297CT
Controls two-phase Bipolar and four-phase Unipolar motors
Interface to four AND Gates driving four N-Channel MOSFET's for Unipolar motors
Normal/wave drive
PWM chopper circuit for current control
Two over current sense comparators with external references input
All inputs and outputs TTL/CMOS compatible (TTL for 5V operation)
Supply current < 400uA
Supply voltage: 4.75 to 7V
Stepper Motor Controller…. (24 Pins)
LS8397, LS8397-S, LS8397-TS NEW!
Low cost, low current, pin-compatible replacement for L297.

L297 operating modes with added functions:

  • Selectable Torque Ripple Compensation MODE
  • Selectable Holding Torque MODE


Other features same as LS8297

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