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Incremental Encoder Interface Controller Chips

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Important Information, Please Read:
Please note that,
LS7183 & LS7184 are almost identical to the LS7083 & LS7084
EXCEPT that LS7183 & LS7184 are made specifically for 3.3V & 5V applications
If your application is between 3V and 5.5 V, please select the LS7183 or LS7184.
If your application is between 4.5V and 10 V, please select the LS7083 or LS7084
Quadrature Clock Decoders…. (14 Pins; 8 Pins; 8 Pins)
LS7082N, LS7082N-S (4.5V to 10.0V operation)
LS7083, LS7083-S, LS7084, LS7084-S (4.5V to 10.0V operation)
LS7183, LS7183-S, LS7184, LS7184-S (3V to 5.5V operation)
Interfaces Incremental Encoders to Up/Down Counters
Converts Quadrature Pulses to Up/Down Counter Controls
x1, x4 Frequency Multiplication:  LS7083, LS7084
x1, x2, x4 Frequency Multiplication: LS7082N, LS7183, LS7184
Index I/O (LS7082N)
Outputs by device type:
LS7082N - Up Clock, Down Clock, Direction Control
LS7083, LS7183 - Up Clock and Down Clock
LS7084, LS7184 - Clock and Direction Control
4.5V to 10V Operation:  LS7082N, LS7083, LS7084
3V to 5.5V Operation:  LS7183, LS7184
Important Information, Please Read:
Please note that,
LS7082N1 can replace LS7082N,
LS7083N & LS7084N can replace LS7083 & LS7084, respectively,
LS7183N & LS7184N can replace LS7183 & LS7184, respectively.
In addition, LS7082N1, LS7083N, LS7084N, LS7183N, LS7184N each provide
x1, x2, x4 frequency multiplication and operation from 3V to 12V.
Quadrature Clock Decoders…. (14 Pins; 8 Pins; 8 Pins)
LS7082N1, LS7082N1-S NEW!
LS7083N, LS7083N-S, LS7084N, LS7084N-S NEW!
LS7183N, LS7183N-S, LS7184N, LS7184N-S NEW!

Each NEW P/N is backward compatible with its predecessor P/N:  
LS7082N1 compatible with LS7082N
LS7083N, LS7084N compatible with LS7083, LS7084
LS7183N, LS7184N compatible with LS7183, LS7184

All NEW P/Ns provide x1, x2, x4 Frequency Multiplication   
All NEW P/Ns operate from 3V to 12V
24-Bit Quadrature Counter…. (20 Pins)
LS7166, LS7166-S, LS7166-TS24
Interfaces Incremental Encoders to Microprocessor Bus
Up to 1.2MHz Count Frequency in x4 Quadrature Mode
x1, x2, x4 Frequency Multiplication
8-Bit I/O Bus
24-Bit Comparator
TTL and CMOS compatible
3V to 5.5V operation
24-Bit x 2-Axes Quadrature Counter…. (28 Pins)
LS7266R1, LS7266R1-S, LS7266R1-TS
  Same features as LS7166 except as shown below:
Dual architecture to support X and Y axes
Digital filtering of Quadrature clocks
Programmable 8-Bit filter clock prescalers
Error flag for excessive noise indication
Programmable Count Range Limits
Programmable Index input
Up to 4.3MHz Quadrature Clock Frequency
32-Bit Quadrature Clock Counter with Serial Interface.... (14 Pins)
LS7366R, LS7366R-S, LS7366R-TS
Interfaces Incremental Encoders to Microprocessors
via 4-wire SPI / Microwire bus

Up to 9.6MHz Quadrature Clock Frequency with x1, x2 and x4
Frequency Multiplication

Internal Digital Filtering and Decoding of Quadrature Clocks and Index
Internal decoding of Quadrature Clocks
Index Driven Operations
8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit and 32 bit Programmable Configurations
3V to 5.5V Operation
24-Bit x 4-Axes Quadrature Clock Counter....(48 Pins)
Interfaces an Incremental Encoder to a Microprocessor Bus
Up to 9.6MHz Quadrature Clock Frequency
Independent Programmability of each axis for multiple count
and I/O modes with Independent Read/Write Control Registers
x1, x2 and x4 Resolution Multiplication
Digital Filtering of Quadrature Clock
Maskable processor Interrupt Output
3-state Octal I/O Bus
3V to 5.5V Operation
32-Bit Quadrature Counters....(24; 28; 38; 48 Pins)
LS7766SO, LS7766SO-S, LS7766SO-TS; LS7766SH-TS 1-Axis NEW!
LS7766DO, LS7766DO-S, LS7766DO-TS; LS7766DH-TS 2-Axis NEW!
Direct interface with Incremental Encoders
40MHz(5V). 20Mhz(3.3V) Quadrature Clock Frequency
Programmable I/Os for Index and Marker Flags
Separate mode-control registers for each axis
Sets of 32-bit counters,input registers, output registers,
comparators and octal status registers for each axis
Digital filtering of input quadrature clocks
Pin selectable 3-state Hex / Octal bus
SD / DO = Single-axis / Dual-axes Octal I/O Bus
SH / DH = Single-axis / Dual-axes with pin selectable Hex / Octal I/O Bus
3V to 5.5V Operation

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