High-Rel / High-Density
Airborn VERSI Signal Integrity Connectors High-Density / 0.05in Pitch

Airborn VERSI Signal Integrity Connectors High-Density / 0.05

Airborn Versi Specifications


The AirBorn verSI (verSI = Versatile connectors with high speed Signal Integrity) open pin field product line is designed to meet the requirements for high speed / signal integrity applications while still delivering the reliability customers have come to expect from AirBorn. The AirBorn verSI product family delivers flexibility in design by offering vertical board mount, right angle board mount, cable I/O, and flex circuit mounting with 40 to 500 contacts. Vertical board mount plugs and mating vertical receptacles also support Board-to-board stacking applications. Board spacing ranges from 8mm to 25mm. EMI hoods are available for best in class ruggedness and durability. Bolt down pads allow for superior robustness and worry free mating and un-mating. The AirBorn verSI offers several board termination types including paste-in-hole, thru hole, and compliant pin press fit technology, which eliminates the need for costly X-ray inspection.

• Four points of contact offers superior performance & reliability
• Versatile product offering including vertical board, right angle board, & cable
• Rugged and EMI shrouds available
• Low mating forces less than 40 grams
• Contact termination options:
       1. press fit
       2. paste-in-hole
       3. thru hole
• Stack Heights available from 8mm to 25mm in 1mm increments
• Open pin field design allows for flexibility in termination schemes
  (single-ended, differential pair, power & ground or both)
• 100 Ohm differential impedance matching with G_S+_S-_G signal layout

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0.05in. 1.27mm Vertical Compression High-Density, Board-to-Board or Flex Circuit Stacking

Airborn RZ Connector
0.05in. 1.27mm Vertical Compression

High-Density, Board-to-Board or Flex Circuit Stacking

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The RZ family of high-density, board-to-board or flex circuit stacking applications is unique, offering users a reliable one-piece contact system. Its solder-less interconnect is compressed or “sandwiched

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RC Series Board to-Board Stacking High-Density 0.075in Spacing

Airborn RC Connectors
Board to-Board Stacking High-Density / 0.075

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A high density press-fit mounted connector using patented stacking contacts consisting of a female/compliant/male configuration used in board to board stacking applications. Aligned field connector contact configurations for improved signal integrity are also available.

• This is a COTS connector, with less than 4 weeks lead time
• RCII is optimized for signal routing both Single ended & Differential
• Board to Board offering, + cable to board & Flex to Board both high speed & power
• Reliable “eye of the needle

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Airborn Connectors

Airborn Connectors

AirBorn has decades of experience Manufacturing Mil-Spec Connecors in ISO9001:2000 and AS9100:2001 Section 1 certified manufacturing facilities.


Airborn N Series Connector

0.025" / 0.636mm Spacing

The N-Series ‘Nano Connector’ products are approved to MIL-DTL-32139 standard. This is the newest product offered at AirBorn. The size of this product ranges from 9 to more than 100 positions and PTH, SMT and pre-wired terminations. The N-Series offers the ultimate connector solution for the smallest and most demanding spaces.

Airborn M Series Connector

0.050" / 1.27mm Spacing

The M-Series 'Micro Connector' products are approved to MIL-DTL-83513 standard. This series allows for the widest range of micro-miniature connectors available on the market today. The size of this product ranges from 9 to 100 contacts and offers an extensive mix of termination styles and custom design capability.

Airborn R Series Connector

0.075" / 1.905mm Spacing

The R-Series products are a high-density, MIL-DTL-55302-approved connector. The size of this product ranges from 11 to over 600 contacts and allows for PTH, SMT, press fit, stackable, solder cup and crimp-removable termination styles. The R-Series is becoming the standard for high-density, board-to-board interconnects. 

Airborn W Series

0.100" / 2.54mm Spacing

The W-Series products are internationally accepted and approved to the MIL-DTL-55302 standard. This product ranges in size from 3 to 208 contacts and allows for a variety of termination styles. The W-Series is the benchmark against which so many others are measured.


Airborn Versi Connectors

Versi Seris of High Signal Integrity connectors with for points of contact per pin. 0.05" Pitch with 40-500 Contacts.

Airborn MicroQuad Connectors

MicroQuad - MIL-DTL-83513 Type connectors with combined Quadrax and Signal Connections.

Airborn RC Connectors

RC Series Board-to-Board conection with 0.075" Pitch

Airborn RZ Connectors

RZ Series Vertical Compression LGA Connection s woth 0.05" Pitch, 40-500 Contacts.

Airborn MicroSI Connectors

MicroSI connectors for High Speed Signals up to 10GB/s

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