Airborn VERSI Signal Integrity Connectors High-Density / 0.05in Pitch

Airborn VERSI Signal Integrity Connectors High-Density / 0.05

Airborn Versi Specifications


The AirBorn verSI (verSI = Versatile connectors with high speed Signal Integrity) open pin field product line is designed to meet the requirements for high speed / signal integrity applications while still delivering the reliability customers have come to expect from AirBorn. The AirBorn verSI product family delivers flexibility in design by offering vertical board mount, right angle board mount, cable I/O, and flex circuit mounting with 40 to 500 contacts. Vertical board mount plugs and mating vertical receptacles also support Board-to-board stacking applications. Board spacing ranges from 8mm to 25mm. EMI hoods are available for best in class ruggedness and durability. Bolt down pads allow for superior robustness and worry free mating and un-mating. The AirBorn verSI offers several board termination types including paste-in-hole, thru hole, and compliant pin press fit technology, which eliminates the need for costly X-ray inspection.

• Four points of contact offers superior performance & reliability
• Versatile product offering including vertical board, right angle board, & cable
• Rugged and EMI shrouds available
• Low mating forces less than 40 grams
• Contact termination options:
       1. press fit
       2. paste-in-hole
       3. thru hole
• Stack Heights available from 8mm to 25mm in 1mm increments
• Open pin field design allows for flexibility in termination schemes
  (single-ended, differential pair, power & ground or both)
• 100 Ohm differential impedance matching with G_S+_S-_G signal layout

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