Testing and Screening

Mil-Spec Components


We offer a broad spectrum of value added testing services. We partner with several independent test labs. Our value added testing and screening capabilities are being utilized more frequently. Some of the reasons for this include :


  • Obsolescence of mil spec devices.
  • Customer drawing requirements specify selected parameters.
  • Re-screening requirements
  • Concern over influx of counterfeit parts from China


Here are examples of the testing services we offer:


  • Group A & B
  • Basic electricals
  • Burn in
  • Bond Pull and Die Shear
  • Full blown MIL screening or re-screening to JANTX and 883 Level*
  • Steam Aging and Solderability Test Stations
  • Solder Tinning & Lead Cleaning
  • PIND (Particle Impact Noise Detection)
  • Constant Acceleration (Centrifuge)
  • Marking and Resistance to Solvent Test
  • Optical Microscope Systems for Internal Visual Inspection (Failure Analysis)-SEM
  • Hermeticity Seal Detection (Fine and Gross)
  • Pressurization System for Gross (Fluorocarbon) and Fine (Helium)
  • Leak Detection

*Note: All screening of semiconductors to military specifications is performed at a DSCC- VQC NILL-STD 883 certified lab. In addition to semiconductors we also offer testing on relays for their basica electrical performance and cable assmblies to ensure continuity, insulation resistance, and dielectric breakdown.