PCB Manufacturing & Assembly

ruggedized and fully tested pcb manufacturing and assembly services


Gemini Electronics offers years of experience working with Mil-Spec requirements and the challenges they bring. We manufacture products to meet both industrial and MIL-PP-55110 requirements. We understand the detail that is required at every step of the process from quoting through shipping, meeting every requirement defined by the customer and any specified MIL Standard.


Our Military and aerospace designs demand  compliance with ever-increasing compliance for growing functionality and reliability within extreme environments. We utilize advanced design and layout techniques and 100% design-for-test (DFT) coverage with special attention to Thermal management and EMI / RFI.


There are several key design and layout considerations to make military and aerospace PCBs more robust,
these include using correct mil-spec components, designing in an extra cushion of current, maintaining the
right aspect ratios, separating power and ground planes, keeping signals clean and properly shielded,
verifying impedance calculations and performing pre-layout simulations, using proper termination techniques,
adding an extra cushion for mechanical holes and dimensions, maintaining stack up considerations during
PCB layout, keeping immaculate assembly notes, specifying an exact drill chart, and defining the proper
board material.


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