Nakamura WT250 turning center equipped with an LNS bar feeder.

Anyone who thinks innovation and entrepreneurship are dead or dying in America needs to take a good look at Tempe, AZ’s Filconn, Inc. for a reality check. Filconn was founded in 2003 by Rick Taylor and Jerry Hollis to design and manufacture filtered, EMP protected and specialty interconnect products for customers in the aerospace, military and medical markets.

Filter connectors protect black boxes and other shielded electronics from the damage that can be caused by frequencies outside their operating range, like EMI and RFI produced by lightning and electronic devices used by passengers on aircraft and other things.

FilConn offers several key technologies for use in military and aerospace connector applications. The most common of these is capacitive filtering created using special ceramic disks produced in England. The connectors are generally offered in three standard approaches, including the most common Pi-filter connectors, followed by C filter and L filter connectors. The connector bodies all must be conductive to allow roll off of any interference signals.

“Rick and Jerry actually invented the technology back in the 90s,