MIL-DTL-38999 Series IV Connectors

D38999-40 | D38999-41 | D38999-42 | D38999-43D38999-44
D38999-45 | D38999-46 | D38999-47 | D38999-48 | D38999-49

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D38999-1Gemini's selection of D38999 Series 4 Connectors  provide a rugged, fool-proof, quick disconnecto operation in a miniature electrical connector. The locking mechanism distributes the coupling load over solid metal lands, while internal drive threads provide the mechanical advantage required to engage contacts and interfacial seals.


These connectors can not be coupled or partially coupled untile key alignment has been achieved. The keys drop into a positive "feel" before coupling can begin. (0 degree coupling ring rotation brings the plug into full-mating position. Three full-mate indicators are provided.


  • A red band at the rear of the connector disappears.
  • A detent mechanism provides an audible click and a distinct tactile indication of locking.
  • In Indicator line on the recptacle aligns with the main key indicator on the coupling ring for positive visual inspection.