Filtered Mil-C38999 Series I Connectors

Filtered MIL-C-83723 Series III

Download Filtered MIL-C-83723 Series III Datasheets


Our filtered connectors perfectly immunize systems against Radiated Emissions and Susceptibility and protect them against Fast Transients, ES0 and Lightning Strikes. Our Filtered MIL-C-83723 Connectors offer the designer a solution that combines standard connectors with built-in EMI/RFI suppression components. This combination saves space, offers design flexibility, reduces costs and allows easy retrofit and quick upgrade of existing systems.  Perfectly filtering Input/Output (I/O) interfaces of space- sensitive military systems demanding hermetic sealing, these filtered connectors are suitable for extreme environmental conditions. They can also include protective components to ensure transient resistance as well as fast HPM (High Power Microwave) pulse durability.


The M1L-C-83723 Series 111 offers large diversity in one connector group. The Series III group offers connectors with a bayonet coupling.  A wide selection of configurations includes square flange, jam nut and hermetically sealed receptacles for panel and box mount applications. These connectors are offered with 2 to 61 contacts of size 20, 16 or 12, and with shell sizes of 8 through 24. They are available with cadmium or nickel finished aluminum shells. Also available are shells of passivated stainless steel.


The connectors can mate with non-filtered connectors and are drop-in replacements for non-filtered connectors.
Non-standard filter connector body sizes and shapes and insert arrangements are available.